Message From CEO Chizuko Yamagami

Our company has 13 year history as the Supplements manufacturer and I regret so many people have health problem but even the latest medical technology can not treat them. Also many people have some problem in health problem but no abnormal value at the laboratory exams. Also how many people realized real longevity who has no health problem? Our company’s supplements have the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, TCM.TCM does not regards a disease as partial problem but regards as a holistic problem and treat people according to the persons type and symptoms. Also, it place great importance on the strong ties between "Human" and "Nature" Our company wants to help people’s healthy and long life. Based on TCM and taking latest nutrition theory and new functional materials into account, we would like to develop and produce the human-friendly and safety supplements into world.

CSR ( Company Social Responsibility )

Our company started our supplement business in order to enhance people’s health by taking the advantage of the Traditional Chinese, TCM.TCM is good at the treatment for unidentified complaints. Many people have small problem but in many cases such small troubles can not be found in the figure of medical check-up and hospital can not help those people. TCM regards all the health problem come from the imbalance of the body and adjust and tune up taking the traditional herbs or appropriate effect of foods. Since we believe that TCM is one of the most important and effective methods to keep people in good health and help people’s longevity we would like to introduce the TCM and develop health supplements based on TCM theory. Therefore, we would like to contribute to the people health by executing the following activities;

  1. Developing the food supplements for the people’s healthy and long lives
  2. TCM seminar for both the pharmacists and consumers as health education
  3. Free health counseling for neighboring residents by TCM doctors
  4. Articles on newspapers and magazines for introducing TCM

We also donate our supplements and surgical masks to the victims of Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami.

Company Profile

Company NameNatural Medicine Association Co., Ltd.
PresidentChizuko Yamagami
Head Quarter: 3-1 2F, Nakano 3 Chome, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-0001, Japan
Osaka Office: 7-32-302 Higashi Shinsaibashi 1 Chome, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi , Osaka, 542-0083, Japan
CapitalJPY 20,000,000
Line of businessDevelopment, manufacture and sale of supplements and cosmetics
Academic exchange of Chinese medicine
Main bankMUFG Bank / Kiraboshi Bank / Seibu Shinkin Bank


Oct. 1998Established Natural Medicine Association Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2001Certification Ceremony of the “American Association for the Promotion of Natural Traditional Therapy “at the American Embassy in Japan
Oct. 2001Participated in the ceremony to commemorate the name change of Chinese Medicine
Jan 2002Certified as the first overseas special member of the China Association of Chinese Medicine,(CACM)
Oct. 2002Participated in Chinese Medicine Applied Symposium organized by CACM
Nov. 2002Participated in Nanjing International Traditional Chinese Medicine Symposium
Dec. 2002Attended the signing ceremony for the establishment of the merged company on Hainan Island
Sep. 2003Exhibited at China International Chinese Medicine Expo in Beijing
Oct. 2004Made academic presentation at Nanjing International symposium of Chinese Medicine
Jun. 2005Obtained a prescription patent for "Sleeping Products"
Jul. 2006Made Special lecture in Hong Kong invited by Chinese Government
Oct. 2006Made academic presentation at Chengdu International Conference
Nov. 2007Held 1st Academic Tour to Beijing and Chengdu China,
Sep. 2008Launched 1st issue of “Shizen-Ryoku News”, our newsletter.
Jun. 2009Received the China Pharmaceutical Academic Contribution Award as a corporation from the People's Republic of China
Sep. 2009Opened Osaka Office.
Nov. 2009Moved the head office to the current address
Nov. 2010Obtained prescription patent for "Blood flow improvement product"
Jan. 2012Started joint research with Medical Plants laboratory of Institute of special animal and plant sciences of CAAS (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
Jul. 2013Obtained business license for powdered food manufacturing industry
Jan. 2014Started joint research with Veterinary Alternative Medicine Study Group and launched new products
Jun. 2014Commenced export to USA, Vietnam, Singapore etc.
Mar. 2016Commenced export to China and Myanmar
Oct. 2017Held a gathering to commemorate the 20th anniversary of our company’s foundation
Aug. 2020Obtained the trademark registration of “Ken no chikara”
Jan. 2021Commenced export to Malaysia


10 minuets’ walk from Nakano Station (North gate)
JR Nakano Station (Sobu and Chuo line Tokyo Metro Tozai line)
About 10 min. walk from Higashi-Koenji Station.(Marunouchi-Line Tokyo Metro)