For all heavy PC or iPhone users
Tenyen is a supplement for the eyes health with a lot of trendy law materials such as Acer Maximowiczianum, Lutein, Astaxanthin, Bilberry etc. together with traditional oriental Chinese medical herbs.

IndicationFor all heavy PC, mobile equipment users such as iPhone,
For all TV and computer game lovers From Child to Adults
Contents124.2g ( 360pcs )/ 62.1g ( 180pcs )
Calories6.78 kcal
Protein0.20 g
Fat0.07 g
Carbohydrate1.36 g
Sodium chloride equivalent0.02 mg
Kalium5.16 mg
InstructionsTake6-10 capsules per day as a Nutritional function food. Take with water or hot water.
Place of OriginMade in Japan